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Pottery-T0-Go Kits

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Ready-to-go kits
Click here to see our current selection of Pottery-to-go and Eggs-to-go kits
Free Delivery within the Greater Danbury area!

Pottery-T0-Go Orders

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Create a Custom "To-Go" Kit

  1. Select items from our inventory* (see photos below)

  2. Determine your glaze colors

  3. Call the studio to purchase your kit

We will sanitize all supplies, package your kit and deliver it to your doorstep within the Greater Danbury area!

* Photos indicate inventory as of 3/14/2020 - All sales are on a first-come basis.

Please note that some items have limited availability or may be out of stock by the time you place your order. We will work with you to find an alternative piece to fit your needs.


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