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The act of making art is a relaxing & creative, non-verbal form of self-expression. For many it provides stress relieve and provides an opportunity to express emotions.

In addition, the creative arts can provide opportunities to practice strategic planning, organization, fine and gross motor skills, balance, and hand eye coordination.

When one participates in the Art Expressions program the emphasis is not on the finished result, but on the process of creating. The process of creating art provides an opportunity to develop and strengthen skills, with a sense of control often not felt experienced in other areas of life.

The art Expressions Program includes between 4-5 art projects per month.
• Pottery Painting
• Acrylics on Canvas
• Hand building with clay
• Mosaics
as well as other projects appropriate to the participants ability and preferences.

This program includes an instructional overview for each project, along with guidance as needed during the creation process.

As the focus of the program is exploration and expression, this program does not focus on step by step instruction unless specifically requested*

The program is available in studio or as a to-go-kit with weekly instruction overview via Zoom.


Art Expressions Program - In Studio

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